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Know why Mentorship is Important

  • I will get to know about myself like my strength which will help to increase your chance to get job, About your weakness so that together we can improve it. 
  •  I will get to learn how to a make resume according to job discription.
  • I will to how to network with industry leaders of my domain & how important is networking.
  • I can discuss about the emerging technology like A.I, Metaverse, Blockchain & NFT and its impact on pharma industry and how important is it for student like me and how can i learn it .
  • I can get a complete road map for sinle job title like about Pharmacovigelence, Medical Coading, Clinical SAS and many more.
  • As i am a pharmastudent i should focous on investing on my which i can by 1st  getting mentorship. 

What you Are getting

Continuing Education Guidance

Pharmatechian will, encourage students to pursue continuous learning and professional development opportunities, also what to Opt.

Publication and Presentation Support

Pharmatechian will, assist students in preparing and submitting research papers for publication in scientific journals, as well as providing guidance on presenting their work at conferences and symposiums.

Industry-Specific Software and Tools

Pharmatechian will, recommend and provide guidance on using industry-specific software and tools used in pharmaceutical research, development, and analysis.

Industry-Specific Resume/CV Review

Pharmatechian will, review and provide feedback on students’ resumes or CVs, ensuring they highlight relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that align with the pharmaceutical industry’s expectations.

Industry Conferences and Events

Pharmatechian will, inform students about relevant industry conferences, seminars, and networking events, encouraging them to attend and make valuable connections.

Technology and Innovation

Pharmatechain will, keep students updated on the latest technological advancements and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry, such as artificial intelligence, digital health, and personalized medicine, fostering a mindset of innovation and adaptability.